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Learning to play the piano is a dream for many—but the demands of a busy life and the expense of a piano teacher can leave many thwarted when it comes to achieving this simple ambition.

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-Piano Course For Adult Beginners Or People Who Want To Renew,Supplement And Improve Drastically Their Previous Knowledge-

Now you can learn to play the piano in the comfort of your own home—with an amazing video course that takes you from the basics through to mastering musical theory and playing your favorite pieces to friends and family.
With bite-size 10-minute lessons you can take at your own pace, you can learn to play the piano on your own schedule!
With over 2.5h highly effective 10-minute, HD lessons, you can develop as a player at your own pace.
You can watch these videos on your tablet at home, or even on the move on your smartphone, making this a versatile teacher who’s there to help you 24/7.
Each lesson also comes with complete notes and exercises which you can print out and study for enhanced learning.

What will you learn with DIGITAL PIANIST Course? 

In just one word—everything!

Here’s a sample of just a few things you will learn:
Correct posture and fingering

 Correct posture and fingering for a great style that flows across the keyboard. Bad posture and poor finger movement is one of the biggest issues affecting beginners—and can affect your performance—avoid this by learning the right way. When playing the piano, your body becomes one with the piano.This course shows you how to tune yourself

Basic musical theory

Basic musical theory including two-stave notation and how to read music and follow it to spring further into more complicated musical work including two-handed playing in a dynamic style that makes you feel like a concert pianist


Get to know to the first elements of dynamics

Playing Expressively

Understand better the character of the piece

Mental preparation

Mental preparation and how to tackle a new piece of music for better performance and sound

Playing With Both Hands Simultaneously

Practice separately and play simultaneously

Chords and scales

 Chords and scales are the building blocks of all the world’s greatest music—learn how they work and how they can help you to better your own style

Playing In The Phrases

The best way to master the pieces

…And much, much more!

 What You’ll Get 

You'll get immediately full access to  HD video lessons with over 2.5 h of highly valuable content,for life..

You'll be able to download homework, audio files,video transcripts,full lessons in PDF and extras... 

You'll get bonus of 5 video lessons that will teach you to play popular songs so you can amaze your friends with fast progress


Milica Krstovic was born in Belgrade ( Republic of Serbia).

After completing High School, 2010. Milica enrolled in the Academy of Arts ( Banja Luka University, Bosnia and Herzegovina ), Piano Department.

In 2015. she finished her Master studies on Piano Department, in Faculty of Music Arts in Belgrade and started Master on Chamber Music Department.

She was a participant of many National and International competitions and won several prizes. In 2013. in the event “Dani Vlado Milosevic”, a concert of contemporary composers, she gave the World Premiere of two pieces by young composer David Mastikosa.

In 2014. Milica won the First Prize on International Competition of Chamber Music in Val Tidone (Italy) with MAN Trio (two flutes and piano) with Aleksandra Kopic and Natasa Vukojevic. She works as a professor of piano and piano accompaniment.

 Video Lessons that will teach you how to play piano like a pro,from very beginning


The program is done in a professional, fun and easy to follow format. An excellent program for all ages. Thank you

posted 11 days ago

Jassy Brown

 This course is really good! I'm complete beginner, and it is easy to understand and follow steps. Recommendations.

posted 14 days ago

Miona M

 I was going trough the course and I'm very pleased with content inside. Also, sound, video and Milica's explanations are on the top quality level! I would recommend to everyone...

posted 23 days ago

Mika Zivojinovic

I am very satisfied with this course. It has been made with very good approach for beginners... I look for forward to the next lessons...

​posted 22 days ago

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Free Bonus Report
50 Songs 4 Chords​

You'll get PDF report with 50 popular songs that you can play with only 4 chords.

The chords are written above the song text so you can read the text and know when to play chords.

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DavI'd Milutinovic